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PST:T 1920 x 1080 "Art Store" Crash

Guest Sarin

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Guest Sarin

Installing PST, (Alongside the fixpack, tweakpack and Unfinished Business pack and Ghostdogs UIpack) everything works perfectly, (If slightly choppy at times)


However, The minute a managed to progress to the Clerks ward, and enter the 'art store' (AR0608 cd3) it crashes to desktop, no warning, with the only error message other than windows default "Planescape: Torment has stopped working"


Every other area in the clerks ward works fine. The art store is the only instance I've found where it crashes midgame.


After testing out each mod (Through a number of resintallations, boo.) I've found it only does this after I've installed the widescreen mod (With or without Ghostdog UIpack, same result)


Interestingly enough, the game doesn't crash until I walk into a certain area of the store, or a certain amount of time passes (Say... 10-20 seconds)


Vista 64 bit, installed on C:\games, full install (4cd version with 1.1patch)


(Though I feel I must say that the tome'o'cheats is a godsend when testing out a specific area that could potentially take over 10 hours of game time just to reach)


Any thoughts? Suggestions?

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