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Change Animation (.spl) problems

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Basically, it's triggering, but not actually working.


I've polymorphed someone into a squirrel. After some dialogue and some random spells being cast on said squirrel (to which he should have extreme resistance), I force the squirrel to cast a "Change animation" effect on itself using a custom spell (called from the creature's override script).


The script block is working as the spell name showed up in the dialogue box.. but my squirrel's not changing. T_T. The weird part is that if I Ctrl-Q Mr Squirrel into my party, and try triggering the script again, he changes immediately. WHAT IS GOING ON?!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!?! I've slapped ClearAllActions() all over the place just in case he's busy doing something else, but he will only change if he's a party member. :D:cry::D


*throws nuts*




PS - oh, and I've tried using Polymorph() instead of the spell. Same thing. The block triggers, but the animation stays resolutely squirrelly.

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Ok. It's all been resolved. Move along, nothing to see here. :cry:


(It turned out that using the standard WIZARD_POLYMORPH_OTHER was doing funky things to the squirrel. When I used a dummy spell, everything was beautiful.)

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