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BG TotSC low FPS


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I installed the full game and patched it. The widescreen mod mods the files succesfully and the game runs, but it only gets 2-3 FPS at 1680x1050. At 1024x768 it gets 6 FPS. Unmodded the game easily gets 30 FPS.


Any modern pc should easily be able to run the game at that resolution, but for some reason mine wont. Any ideas or suggestions?



Intel core 2 duo E8400 @3600MHz

4GB DDR2-800 memory

2x ATI radeon HD4870 512MB

Gigabyte GSA-X48-DS4.


I have no problems with performance in other games.

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Guest Milanbaby

hey :cool:


found a solution for the problem. on windows xp:


"his is how I made it work on Windows XP


> patched with the TOSC international patch' from Bioware



> Install Widescreen Mod



> Desktop > Display Properties > Trobleshoot > Hardware Acceleration to 3rd level (fixes the glitches, fog, cursor etc problems)


works like a charm :)




probs to dominus from the gog forum!

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