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Why don't you modifiy the forms of druid?


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As you know, though you already modified many forms which can transform by casting Polymorph self spell, the rest of druid wasn't done.


When Avender(One of the druid's kit) transforms to sword spider, this poor spider is tied the web what he casted himself!


Besides, his another forms such as Fire salamander and Baby wyvern is too weak to use effectively. These forms have many demerits like low attack speed, useless features(2D6 per 3/day Breathe Fire or Poison which the sword spider form already has).


I don't want the many forms of druid including his basic transformation such as black/brown bear to be stronger than fighter. However, I think the forms of druid should be more useful than these.


Almost users have focused on warewolf form. But the form is a part of druid's. Actually, all of the form of druid need to be modified!

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