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Guide/Tutorial to create new game


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Hi! I want to create a new game with GemRB engine. I'm a programmer and I know a few languages. I just wanna make a test and see the GemRB engine working with a little scenario and one or two characters. Is that hard to do? There's a tutorial or some guide to make that? Maybe I could use some scenarios and characters from Baldurs Gate II.


Regards!! And sorry for my bad english.

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You should start small and make one or two BG2 mods to get a feel of how the engine works (there's tons of tutorials for that). After that, you should have an idea of how the engine is programmed (and of how much work is it to make even a smallish quest, nevermind making a new game).


Hi man, thanks!! I'll try to make a mod, it seems to be a good way to start.

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