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Non-Automatic Fullscreen?


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I noticed that the Widescreen mod automatically assumes fullscreen mode when you put your max resolution in. I.e., if I put my resolution at 1919x1199 it goes into windowed mode. If I put in 1920x1200, it it goes into fullscreen.


Is there an easy way to disable this? I wrote a small utility program that makes Baldur's Gate play in "Fullscreen Windowed" mode (windowed without borders - absolutely necessary with 2+ monitors), and I'd like to get that lost column/row of pixels back, as small as they may be.

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Hrm, that's odd. My utility is called after BG2 is launched, and edits the window data... so can't really be that.


Still, 1920x1200 sets it to fullscreen, while 1919x1199 doesn't. Windows doesn't do it on other windows, so must be something BG2-specific.

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