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MotB Epilogue

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Guest Tharevoc



First of all: great mod. I've spent hours just trying to find all possible responses in the flirt options. I've got a bit of a technical problem (with the game, not the mod) which causes me to miss some of the content.


So here's the deal: I just finished MotB's final battle and when entering the portal, the loading screen keeps freezing, denying me the epilogue. I haven't found any solution to this, and I really want to know what happens. In particular, i'd like to know about my tiefling warlock's romance with Elanee. He needs her to keep his conscience awake and active, and effectively descended into evil during her absence. Even got two blackguard levels. :cringe:


anyways, if someone could throw some spoilers this way, I'd appreciate it and would finally be able to stop attempting to load the damn thing over and over again. Naturally, if anyone is familiar with this problem, a working solution would be fine too.

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