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[SHS] New versions of Refinements and tb#tweaks

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Release notes:


Refinements (3.24):

- Tweak to the system that prevents multiclass mages from casting either Mirrored Clones or Death Field, for better compatibility with some mods.

- Advertise Ascension64's TobEx (Apply Casting Level Bonus fixes Union, Allow 1280 Total Kits prevents crashes if there are too many kits).

- Compatibility with Human multiclasses, Fighter/Illusionist/Thieves and Fighter/Illusionist/Clerics from TobEx.

- Blades and Diviners now get HLAs (OS-related regression?).

- Use ADD_SECTYPE to avoid possible conflicts.

- Upgrade is recommended to all players.

- Upgrate will break saves if you have a Paladin (or subkit), Monk, or Sword Angel in the party.


tb#tweaks (2.40):

- Added the 'Gain Stats as you Level Up' component.

- Fix typos and/or errors in the readme.

- Fixed ugly bug in item-scanning code.

- Petrification now turns you stony.

- Use ADD_SCHOOL to avoid possible conflicts with other mods.

- 3rd edition Dex gives bonuses to Save vs. Breath.

- 3rd edition Con gives bonuses to Save vs. Death.

- New component: 3rd edition Wis (gives bonuses to Save vs. Spell).

- Upgrade is recommended for all players.

- Upgrade will only break your save if you have an Imprisoned or Petrificated party member.


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