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Guest Timmian

bug bug BUG!

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Guest Timmian



i've searched long and hard before posting this, reinstalled two times and still it ramains broken. here is my mod-list. in installing order





g3fixpack v.9





the bug: sometimes its no present, but after a rest or moving to a new area spell turning stops working correctly. it just blocks spells like spell trap, not sending them back. it ignores the levels too, so its never dispelled. this problem is for the PC's and npc's.. it in effect makes you immune to all direct impact spells for the duration. please help me resolve this!


merry christmas!

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Guest Timmian

my playtest results: so you wont have to... i hope.


sorc lvl 30


spell turning


project image


just fire magic missile at eachother watching it bounce back. but somewhere along the line my character and/or the image(s) spell turning stops turning.. i've found no catalyst. seems very random.


new scenario

spell turning



what happend was that ever so often when i ran this scenario was that one of us lost the turning ability. again random..


its very annoying as spell turning is the only spell protection i use, and more than an annoyance since the unintended effect gives enemies spell immunity for 3R/level.

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