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"Multiple Romances" Question

Guest Infenocanuck

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Guest Infenocanuck

Hi all,


With my current play style, I like to swap my NPC in and out of my party semi-frequently, based on what an upcoming quest is, the NPC's skillset or just the general mood of my character.


However, this understandably, causes a problem if you want to romance any of the NPCs of this game. What options under the "Romance Cheats" section would allow for " NPC swapping" and still keep me some NPC loving: Multiple Romances OR Multiple Romances + Nothing Kills Romance?


Although I'd like for the option that my actions still kill a romance, my number one priority is to keep the flames o' love a-burning even if my character's significant other to rest in an inn for a while.


Any help or insight would be appreciated! Thank you in advance.

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Guest infernocanuck

Nothing, eh?


Well, I'll try testing a few things out and let anyone know of the results in case this is a question someone else might have!

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