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How can I "replace" a mage kit ...


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I everyone, I read a lot about kit and how to do one, but I never find somewere how you can replace a mage kit... :blush:


Here is what I want to do:


I want to try the replace mage kit. I know it more "tricky", unfortunately it not only the clab file I want to change.


I also want to change :


- The alignement restriction

- The race restriction (like only good elf can use this kit)

- The weapon (I know it will used only mage weapon, but it's possible to used other weapon)? I mean withouth installing AOE

- The spell progression (i read somewere on the forum that is a possibility.

- New ability (I know how at least)

- Add new spell (I mean by default, it is possible?) Like when he gain a level to add this spell automaticaly in his spell book.

- Can I add new ability only usable at night? or at the full moon? I know there a way to check the time variable somewere


I know I can modify each 2DA file to complete this task. Unfortunately I dont know the WeiDU like I wanted to know it. I mean for now cause I really want to learn it.


Oh a thing I forget how I can I modify the K_M_*.2DA file when this file doesnt exist at all?


It is possible that someone can do a example how to change the evoker kit mage (for a example by another one? like the conjurer) this way ppls will see how to do it. When you have the main idea how to do it the rest is relatively easy to do.


Thx in advance!


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