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Sahuagin City Confusion

Guest JustAnotherCouchPotato

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Guest JustAnotherCouchPotato

I'm running heavily modded, so it would probably be smart if somebody with a clean install confirms the following problem before anybody even tries to fix it.

Now, problem:

Sahuagin City.

I already entered the first hall of the rebel base (where you are attacked from the water pools), but left again because I wanted to dispose of the undead before advancing the main plot*. Now, standing on the right side of the platform above the undead lair, I suddenly get the dialogue from the Sahuagin Chieftain who reacts to the orb in my inventory and asks me if I want to slay everybody or talk to their prince, as if I had just walked through the door before him.

It's no game breaker, but it is very very wrong, and I'd like him not to do that.



Can provide screenshot for illustration, if anybody deems that necessary.


*I think that's important. If you test, don't leave this out.

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