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My PS:T Blurry issues


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i recently decided to gather some information about playing PS:T and Baldur's Gate in my new modern PC. Eventualy i stumbled upon you guys, i consider myself advanced pc user, i think i did everything properly to run PS:T in Windows7 64bit with an ATI 5870. (Using WidescreenMod and Setup-GhostDog's-PST-UI, latest versions).

The game runs fine, but with extremely blurred (and sometimes watery-moving) image. It's like it is drawn with wet colours! It is like if you see the game behind a glass that has water flowing on it!. I tested it in 1920x1200, 1680x1050 and 1280x800. all have same issue.

Here is a pic of this issue..Oh and when i mouseclick something that could be a button, it strangely loses all the blur and looks proper crispy button.




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I am not posting the widescreen debug file its insanely huge..if i have to, i will.

Looking forward for your reply, thanks ^^

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There is something wrong with your video card and/or drivers, which I can't diagnose remotely.


it seems there must be a specific ATI 5870 issue? (or 5xxx series in general).

Anyway, i did what most would do, downloaded virtualbox and installed my old win98 :) however i had some issues there in general, then i tried installing my old winxp pro cd on virtual box, all worked like a charm, meaning all tweaks and addons on torment worked fine and the game played fine at 1280x800 without blurry issues.

Now i got abit more into virtualisation solutions, testing vmware player and win98. Much better support in directx (goes up to dx8 i think) and in drivers. But i am stuck at the point, after installing widescreen mod (and the 3-4 more mods for the game tweaks) i get the "no supported video resolutions, says the programmer" error. i will play with it abit more ^^.

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PST works in 16 bit color depth, not 32 bit, and I think that message pops up when it can't correctly set the color depth; try forcing the color depth to 16 bit in your guest OS (or randomly try different configuration options in both VMWare and the guest OS, or revert to the known-working VirtualBox/XP).

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Yes, i edited the .vmx file of the virtual os and added the line


svga.spoof16bppHost = "TRUE"


now, vmware runs win98 on 16bit, however before installing anything i run ps:t and win98 froze. it seems 640x480 isn't working at vmware/win98, tried to put win98 at 640x480, same thing. Will update this post after widescreen mod gets in the game.

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