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BG Quicksave/zoning causes players characters to vanish


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I am using several mods, between easy tutu and gibberlings 3 play BG1 and 2. During multiplayer, everything seems to carry on well without problems until the host performs a quick save or we travel to a new area via the world map. If we do either one of these things, the other other party members wont show up on the screen to the viewer. The only character you can see is your own.


Once the host exits and loads the save, everything is fine. We can view the characters as if nothing was wrong. As this is a game that requires a lot of quick saving, we would like to avoid having to drop out and reload each time we zone or quicksave.


Can anyone offer any advice as to what might be causing this? We are using tutu, the npc project, stratagems, widescreen, degreenifier, etc.

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