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Importing BG1 Character into BG2 with Tweak Pack installed


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I apologize in advance if this has been covered somewhere in the 110 pages of general mod FAQ. My search did not find it.


Simple(??) question: How do I import my BG Sectrets of the Sword Coast character into BG 2 with the Tweak Pack installed? I spent a good bit of time setting up BG 2 (SoA / ToB) tweaks. I tried importing my exported CHAR1 file. The avatar and stats came up, but I couldn't finish the import procedure. I then created a Save folder in my BG 2 program fiile and copied 000 . . 02 FINAL SAVE into it and tried to import my character via importing the save. No go.


I really don't want to start a new character. BTW, if relevant, my BG1 was played with the BG 1 Gibberlings Tweak Pack installed.


Any advice would be appreciated.

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Did you (in order):


1, Install BG2 + ToB

2, Run the patch

3, Start the game an make a save (quicksave)

4, quit the game (and take the disc out...?)

5, Install the fix pack

6, Install the tweak pack... ?

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