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Widescreen 3.0.5 and SOA v1.7


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Just a note regarding an install problem. This was a vanilla BG1/ToSC (5512) install with a series of mods including Stone of Askavar v1.7. No errors were noted in weidu logs until Widescreen which then rolled back when it couldn't find ARS006.tis. When I checked the Override folder, all of the ARSXXX.tiz files installed by SOAv1.7 had not unpacked, hence the problem. (As a side note, there were four ogg files that didn't get decompressed into WAV files either, also from SOAv1.7.) I unpacked/decompressed the offending files, re-ran Widescreen, and it all worked fine.


tisunpack and oggdec were present in the install directory, so I'm not quite sure why the unpacking process went south. At any rate, this is just an FYI. I appreciate the fact that Widescreen caught the problem, but it's a long patch process just to be a debug tool ...

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