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most combat ready single classed DR cleric?


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After reading more about DR, I'm considering a single classed. I tend to prefer single-classed characters because they are less meta and have more personality, but I wonder how a pure cleric would fare as the protagonist (even with DR). Can he take the spotlight or will he be cheering from the sidelines?


The way I figure it the most significant differences between a single and multi F/C are a handful of hitpoints, a bit of THAC0, weapon specialization, +1APR and GWW. The hit points are probably nice. It's about an extra 40 (or more) by level 20. The THAC0 is kind of a wash, though. The multi is actually behind the pure cleric until about 3mil xp. Then he starts catching up, but it probably doesn't matter at that point. Weapons specialization is moot with some of the DR kits, and even APR with one of them, though GWW with RM seems like it would be pretty boss.


One of the main advantages of a pure-cleric tank would be Iron Skins. It seems that some clerics (Tempus and Corellion, for example) get them. Is it enought to trade everything else a fighter gets? I'm guessing probably not. However, I want to ask the community. What's the best you can do with a pure cleric? Thanks.

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