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tob patch 26498 help


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hi, so i've got multiple installs of baldur's gate on my computer. i want to install some mods, but i can't get any of the npc mods in bg2 to work. they show up in game, and they initialize dialogue, but i can't see any of the dialogue options--i can click on the options, but i don't know what i'm clicking on. i just move the mouse, randomly clicking next to the portrait of the character until i can click end dialogue at the bottom of the game.


i think its cause i can't get the tob patch to install/extract to the install that i want to use. i install it but it goes straight to an install that i don't want to use/that already has it.


as a side not, and the reason i'm doing this, i have bgtutu installed to my original baldur's gate game. i have copied installs of clean bg2 files in several places on my computer. i also have bg1ub installed in my bgtutu file. i want to play bg2ub but don't want to uninstall bg1ub because i want to play them concurrently. i know that bg1ub and bg2ub are not compatible in bg2.


does anyone know how to get the tob patch to install somewhere other than where it wants to go?


or does anyone know what could be causing this problem?


thanks, this site is awesome!


(i have dnd anthology collection, digital version)

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