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Issue installing the banterpack


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I've recently redownloaded Baldur's Gate and Baldur's Gate 2 and am using Tutu v4. Upon trying to install the bg1npc project, I encountered an error in installing the banters, quests, and interjections portions of the file. The rest has been installed successfully.


The error in question appears to happen when the installation reaches the '_TAZOK' portion; the error itself is 'internal label [0] not found in processed [_TAZOK]' and repeats itself through to 'internal label [5]', at which point I recieve an "index out of bounds" error and the installation stops.


Now, I've been installing a series of other mods, and my initial thought is that perhaps the baldur's gate 1 unfinished business mod, where an interaction occurs between Tazok and an NPC (I think Kevan?) was installed, but I was under the impression that it added onto, and not replaced, the interaction. In addition, I remember before having these two mods working together just fine on a previous computer.


Is there any kind of fix for this issue? As I said, only the banters section of the mod wasn't able to install, so this isn't preventing me from enjoying the game at all, I just would like to fix it as I do enjoy the banters in this mod.

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