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Mod Project: Dungeon Siege Diablo BG-series


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Little project, but what I'm thinking is I'd like BG-versions of some locations; such as towns/cities, for certain events with new NPCs based on my old PnP characters. (still thinking on events; for now just getting areas done is main focus)


So, I've taken a look at DLTCEP/IETME & a tutorial per.

I have noticed the mod adding store for "Diablo" items, I like.



Long-time fan of PnP D&D &BG-series (includes NWN-series too); also a fan of the Dungeon Siege Series and Diablo Series. I guess I'll be soon getting reference screenshots from in the games on where to place BG houses & the like.

(I do sometimes also play the Elder Scrolls series, have picked up Drakensang series recently. If nothing else might just like to add a book with a story referencing some things or other; just mentions for those)



I think I might use the IETME, now just to actually find BG/2-series maps. and such.



What do you think? And, anyone wish to help with project? (Suggestions also welcome)


Need anymore details/info?

Well, I would like it to be compatible with most mods....

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