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I need Help with a Magic Missile Weapon


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I digged uo Bg2 from the deeps of my Harddrive and started several Playthroughs. I ended up programming a few neat items for myself but came up with a concept, thats far beyond my own programming capabilities so i wondered if anybody here could help me out a bit with DLTCEP.


The Concept is basically this:


I want my Character to shot magic missiles depending on on the Casterlevel and The proficiency on "daggers" but without a thac0 check.

the weapon should be carried in a weapon slot as a single handed weapon.

so basically a lvl 1 mage would shoot a lvl 1 magic missile every round, without using spell slots, just as a regular level, while a lvl 9 mage with 2 attacks would shoot 2x 5 magic missiles.


i know its totally op, i just want to see if its doable. and if it is, how it is done. thank you all in advance.

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