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Still have Troll crashes in v28


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BG2/ToB CD, FixPack ItemUpgrade, SCS v28, TweakPack (in that order).


There are still game crashes at De'Arnise when I went outside to the courtyard or the roof. It was only when trolls were to be spawned; the Yuan-ti and Otyugh spawns worked fine.


I also got game crashes in De'Arnise TorGal battle. It happened when he used Cloak of Fear but not everytime.


I used the tougher TorGal setting and when the Yuan-ti mages got going with all of the little sprites accompanying their magic casting, the crash would happen almost every time the Cloak was used. I tried different game config file settings and managed to lure TorGal through the door and close it behind him to isolate him all to no avail.I even killed him once, followed by an immediate crash. I eventually set debug mode and Control-Y him and gave out the XP through debug I should get for conquering him just so I could continue to play.


One possibility. I changed the settings for Trolls while at De'Arnise. I did not like the Spirit Trolls draining levels and went back to vanilla.


Another issue:

I could not get the rift device to assemble in the Unseeing Eye quest. I had to save and quit. On re-load it was already assembled in my inventory.

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