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Temple Ruins issues

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FIrstly, Lellyn is not dead/does not die once I enter the map. I think he's meant to, and I'm supposed to find some journal on him?


Secondly, Yoshimo went around the map stealthed, Anath's dialogue came up, she ran into the cave, I continued around clearing the rest of the map and used the mirror.


Then I remembered about Anath and went to her cave, but she's not there.


I looked up a walkthrough as to how things are supposed to go, and she tells you of the mirror, you meet there, and she dies.


A pretty inconseuential character in that regard then I think, but she should be in the cave regardless, and apparently she also tells you it is the shade lord that is killing everyone in the Umar hills, and not her, so that is not so inconseuential beacause, prior to this, you tell the mayor you suspect wolf/wolf-like creatures and so I'm not sure if the quest will work out fine now or not.


It's all a little immersion breaking at any rate at best. Lellyn is just confusing me as to why he didn't die. Ctrl+yed the poor sod once I realised he's supposed to be dead.


Using latest fixpack with GTU Lite.

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