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Critical bug between SoA and ToB


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So apparently this is either a WoP, SCS, or interaction BGT bug. Right now from SoA I battle Irenicus, he dies, I am resurrected and the next scene is me in the land of the many faces. I don't get access to Watchers keep. Now, in BGT I go for a new ToB game and I get sent into the land of many faces but on IMPORT game I get my main character in whatever map I importing from and the rest of my crew at Watchers Keep. Actually, and this is cool, my character ONLY shows up at watchers keep from an import of a BGT "SoA" save when my crew is saved in the pocket plane but when I import the final save in hell, the main char is still in hell and the rest of the crew is at Watcher Keep. This is also true if I continue to play ToB, save in Saradush and import that save into ToB. My main char is stuck outside the castle and the rest of the crew is outside Watchers Keep.


Tied in with all of this, I can play the game from the final save on, start of ToB, save, load that save and still have the pocket plane ability but when I exit and load that save, the ability is missing. Apart from that there are issues with Mellisan not showing up after Gromnier, triggers not firing correctly when I MoveToArea(pocket plane) after Creating melisan and basically just being unable to leave or get to the pocket plane. Oh also, on import from wherever I import from (Final save or a save after the start of ToB) I seem to have the pocket plane ability but not when loading the save from the BGT SoA load screen.


What do I need to uninstall to make my install work? Will the import just magically fix a lot of these errors? I can do Watchers Keep. I didn't touch it during SoA. I am really stuck and I have no idea what to do. I suppose I can uninstall the mods but I really don't want to mess up my saved game, again. Any help is appreciated.




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And more joy. After finishing up WK (Also I don't think Demigorgan was difficult so something was wrong there), I go to the forest and I get a CtD of


ASSERTION FAILED! Return Address: 0x7F2E12 File: InfScreenWorldMap.cpp Line: 3069 Expression: FALSE Message: Bad Area file, in area "AR4000" need entry point "dw#WKin"

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