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Twisted rune mages always pre-casting


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I have BG2EE and am playing on Core difficulty. I had option 3 of Smarter Mages installed, so that mages would never pre-cast. However, in the Twisted Runes fight, both the lich and the mage would spawn with several defensive spells up. The combat log stated that these spells were previously cast. The fight is insanely difficult with pre-casting mages, even though I'm in Chapter 6 and have an appropriately powerful party.


I changed to option 5 so that mages only pre-cast on Hard or higher but the same problem occurred. Uninstalling the Smarter Mages component did have the desired effect - the lich and mage were no longer pre-casting. The fight was still bloody hard though.


Was it intended that the Twisted Rune mages would pre-cast even if option 3 was installed?

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