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About the Devour Ending...

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I personally am a big fan of the ending of MoTB where you master your curse, become a humanoid god-like soul-eating abomination, and go on a revenge spree. What I wasn't a fan of was having to lose your love interest to do so--Safiya I can understand, but Gann advocates you eating his mother's soul, and can become darker thanks to your influence. Likewise, Neeshak and Bishop don't seem the types to care--why can't I have a happy ending with them?


So that's my question. Does this mod include a (semi)-happy-ish ending for me if I choose the "Devour" ending and romanced Gann/Neeshka/Bishop? Or Casavir/Elanee/Safiya, though I see that as less likely given their personalities.

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