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Tweaking the tweaks

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love this but want to make sure I don't end up with some extra changes that I don't like....


half-orc monk has fighter avatar not the monk one. can fix?


don't want to miss out on epic abilities. (doesn't one of the tweaks remove this?)


don't want to remove traps and locks.


what druid spell option makes Jaheria more effective?


(have to ask)...the fighter grandmaster fix/buff lets multi-class fighters get 5 pips in a weapon even if multi-classed? (this doesn't work for other classes such as barbarian? I actually would prefer it was for fighter-classes only so as to not become cheap.) this would let a fighter/thief or fighter/mage get 5 pips?


DO LIKE... the idea of a human fighter/mage wearing robes. maybe... not a big deal just a thought


all I can think of right now.


thanks again folks!

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