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Spell Luck crashes game in certain cases


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Baldurs Gate Shadows of Amn and Thron of Bhaal expansion v.2.5.26498
Mods: BG2 Tweaks, Widescreen and BG2 Fixpack.
I checked how works spell Luck after fixes.
Components BG2 Fixpack works fine:

Luck Fixes

Luck was not providing saving throw or thieving bonuses, per its description. (spwi209.spl)
Many Spells Should Not Be Able To Stack With Themselves

Spell Luck works, but in some situations crashes game. It happens when i want to use spell from Chain Contingency, Contingency, Minor Sequencer, Sequencer, Spell Trigger and scroll (propably scrl1j.itm). I can put Luck in these spells. I checked in pure instalation and everything works great. After BG2 Fixpack game crashes.

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