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mod of multi-class grand mastery


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I saw last year that you guys were not planning on doing much more with the tweak packs.


Is it possible for me to make and post a modification of one of the tweaks somewhere giving full credit to you guys? Rather than re-inventing the wheel, I believe it would be extremely simple to modify your multi-class grand-mastery tweak.


What I want to make available to others is something I did many years ago on my own.


With your multi-class grandmastery, you make it so that a multiclass fighter can get grand mastery in any weapon he can use.


Instead, I want to make it a bit more restrictive. He can only take 5 pips in a weapon that that ALL his classes can use. That does mean that the poor Cleric/Fighter/Magic-User can only take five pips in slings and staves (and clubs if you have universal clubs).
For any other class, the restriction is not so bad. A fighter/magic-user/thief can take pips in anything a magic-user can use since there isn't anything a mage can use that a thief cannot.
With double-classes (two-class muticlass) instead of triple, what you can take 5 pips in is limited to what your second class can normally use.

I would consider making a third option where it is possible for a C/F/M or F/M/T to also take 3 pips in weapons that only two of his classes can use (such as flails for the C/F/M or short swords for the F/M/T).


Making the change should be very easy. I've already modified my own WeapProf.2DA to do this. The question is, can I use your work and post the mod to the board somewhere and then link people to it, giving full credit to your mod?

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I just started looking into actually doing the work, and see that you use different methods for the "multi-class grand mastery" and "True Grand Mastery".

I'll probably just use the method in the latter to accomplish the former as I don't have a lot of time right now.

Namely, use WeiDU to copy a new WeapProf.2DA into the override folder, although this might make my mod incompatible with mods that add new classes, so it would have to be installed first.


Sorry about that. I _still_ haven't gotten around to learning to use WeiDu and i've been intending to do that for over ten years! I was hoping to take a shortcut by copying somebody else's WeiDu script. I guess I'll have to bite the bullet and learn.

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