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Druid level progression


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Just a request to add something to the druid component that changes their level progression to match clerics.


Once druids reach level 15, they start to gain resistances, which increase every three levels and concludes at level 24, granting a total of 30% to all elemental damage (including magical fire/cold) and immunity to poison. The problem is, in vanilla level 15 is 3mil XP for a druid, so when you change them to priest progression this suddenly becomes 1.575mil XP. This is before most people even reach the underdark, and have their fully fleshed out abilities by 3.6mil XP. A vanilla druid is only fully upgraded by 4.7mil XP.


Possibly make it an additional option, like the rest of the druid section? If anyone is even still working on this mod?


Sorry if this has already been brought up, couldn't find anything using the search feature.

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