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[Tweaks v. 16, EE 2.0]Max HP for NPCs is affecting familiar HP


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I'm encountering an error where installing the Max HP for NPCs component with either the 'all creatures' or 'all non-joinable NPCs' setting substantially increases the hit points of summoned familiars, which in turn gives a mage CHARNAME significantly more bonus HP than should be the case. (For example, in BG:EE on Legacy of Bhaal difficulty, the Imp familiar should have 38 HP and instead has 132.)


Now that I've identified which component is responsible it's an easy fix -- just don't install that component.


Since I couldn't turn up anyone else having this error (at least with a few quick Google searches), I suspect this is because of some interaction between that component and a recent update to the Enhanced Editions. It does seem to affect both BG:EE and BG2:EE, and happens whether or not Legacy of Bhaal mode is turned on.


I'm playing on Windows 7 with the Steam versions of the Enhanced Editions.

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