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Mage AI Tweak Suggestion (Detect Illusions)


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Something that I've noticed is that when a mage is facing someone with a high Detect Illusion skill, they'll seem to waste time recasting Mirror Image / Invisibility that is just going to be dispelled again. I'm not sure if it'd even be possible to tweak the AI in order to allow them to realize this (I know that basks are supposed to "learn" when someone is immune to their gaze.) after having their spells dispelled.



I don't think Detect Illusion should be "nerfed" because its really only an issue if a character focuses on it to the exclusion of other thief skills, but it's possible to get 100% Detect Illusion as early as 4th Level which does change the feel of fighting mages in the first part of the game. ... On one hand I can see Mages in the heat of battle not realizing what is dispelling their illusions given the rarity of the situation, but on the other hand, it does feel slightly "cheesy" as well.

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