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Peony's model


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Hello everyone


Been literally eternity(like 10 years) till I last completed Icewind Dale 2 and felt like retrying it again, to have some filler during my evenings spare time.


Never bothered much with mods, but since I encountered all these fixpacks for BG, I gave Icewind a try.


Since you don't have an actual party banter in vanilla, I gave a try to NPC mod, and dear god, amazing work it is, lots of dialogues, companions react to other NPC's and so on. Only thing I could complain about is Nikosh's voice acting, his voice is slightly too childish, but that's not a big deal.


What I have issue with however is Peony's(and gnome FEMALE mages overall) model. Somehow Black Isle managed to create solid entertaining game with a good plot and overall great gaming experience but were too goddamn lazy to create a proper "tiny"(halfling, dwarf and gnome) female mage models and instead decided to reuse male model, ugh. No wonder there's no cute romanceable gnome/halfling girl in any of these games, when her baldiness and wizard-level beard is so striking.


Now since creators were apparently moved by this awful detail they decided to give you an option. I passed elf mage model since gnome isn't supposed to reach higher than my PC(tiefling warrior) midriff. I chose halfling rogue instead, not a perfect option, but well at least she has bumpers and doesn't spout that ridicolous beard.


Aside from the fact she has a hood, without being adorned into any armor, I would be fine with this model however, it worked until I reached Ulbrec's house. When I left it I had a brief loss on control(incoming scripted conversation, happens when you get to Tarok for example)and her ingame model just transformed back to that ugly bearded midget! I reinstalled this option and it became even weirder. She shows up as armormed female halfling rogue, her inventory screen portraits her as unarmored male gnome wizard, and Dalekeeper which I downloaded to fight off this minor inconvenience, shows blank slot in place of her appearance, and changing it to whoever, either way female elf wizard, male dwarf warrior or Madae doesn't seem to affect her at any point(changed back to halfling rogue to reduce potential "surprises" in the future). [Funny thing is, there is an option to set Female Gnome Mage option in Dalekeeper, but I guess it's just this filler guy)


However, despite it, this annoying baldy comes up whenever I pop up her inventory screen and no matter what I do, I can't get rid of him. Does anyone know how would I be able to fix it?

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