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Minsc and Boo in Harry Potter


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So, as a fun little crack!fic companion to my other story, I thought it might fun to explore Minsc and Boo coming to Hogwarts instead of Keldorn. It's nothing serious, but it is a fun way to get some Minsc and Boo into your life in a different way. At least I think so. So, if you have any desire, check it out!


Title: Harry Potter and the Ranger and the Miniature Giant Space Hamster

Author: Raven3182

Rating: T

Summary: Originally an omake to my other story: Harry Potter and the Knight of the Radiant Heart, this fic asks, what if instead of Keldorn Firecam, Minsc and Boo were magically inserted into the world of Harry Potter? The butts of Evil are about to be liberally kicked in good measure! Crack!Fic alternative to HP & KoRH. Go for the eyes, Boo! GO FOR THE EYES!


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