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Ishlilka for BG1 + SOD alpha release

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The Ishlilka mod for BG and SOD, finally done to a point where I feel comfortable releasing a version for public testing.

Ishlilka is a newly trained Wizard Slayer that has come to this part of the Sword Coast to prove herself worthy to her father and his band of reputable mercenaries. Noble at heart, and up alone against a strange foe, she willingly takes up your cause in exchange for aid in her own.

What you can expect:

At least two banters with every companion in BG1.

A friendship and romance path.

A unique quest for BG1 and SOD.

Various interjections at different points in the game.

A balanced front liner with a unique ranged weapon.



Some tips:

Should be fully compatible with other BG1/SOD mods.

This is an Alpha Release, I have tested it extensively by myself but only by myself. Bugs may occur. If you see something, say something. Updates in content and potential bug fixes will happen.

This mod was made for BG:EE with SOD installed. I don't know what will happen if you add it to a vanilla BG:EE install. You may just get an "installed with warnings" and it will be fine. You may open up a portal to the Hells. I can not be held responsible for such reckless acts.

She can be found at the grounds of the Friendly Arm Inn.

Romance is available to Half Orcs, Humans, and Half Elves, although Half Elves will have special difficulties.

Ishlilka will follow you into SOD only if she was with you for the final battle with Sarevok and you export your game.

If you failed to complete her quest in BG1 but brought her into SOD, you need to talk to her if you want to start her next quest.

The plot will get thicker and the quests will get juicier in BG2/TOB wink.png


If you have any suggestions, comments, tips on how I can improve it, please let me know.


Special thanks to every modder who has ever made a tutorial as well as everyone here at G3; without you guys I definitely couldn't have done it.


Since the file is too big here is a link: https://forums.beamdog.com/discussion/63679/mod-ishlilka-the-wizard-slayer-for-bg1-sod-alpha-release#latest



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