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Low Reputation Store Discount - Incorrect values

Guest Thels

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The "Low Reputation Store Discount" component seems to be using incorrect values. According to the readme:


Reputation values of 8-13 result in no discounts; items are sold at their original prices. Every point lower or higher than 8 or 13, respectively, gives the party a 5% discount. This reaches a maximum of 35% -- meaning that the party will only pay 65% of the item's original price -- at reputation values of 1 and 20.

However, if the manual is to be believed, then high reputation doesn't get a discount until you reach 15, and still only discounts 5% per point. So at 20 it should come out at 30% reduction, so paying 70%.

Wouldn't it make more sense to follow this pattern in this module? Thus, 7-14 would offer no discount, and every single point above 14 or below 7 would offer a 5% discount, for a 30% discount at a reputation of 1 or 20?

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