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Jaheira shapeshifting token bug

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I am playing the GoG version of BG2EE, with only BigWorldProject-Ascension-1.7.2-0-g57f9e8c and SCSv31 installed. My SCS mod has just about everything turned on, including shapeshifting tokens. Jaheira, and to a lesser extent my MC Avenger, have issues with their tokens, particularly the bear, wolf, and spider tokens. My MC can use his salamander token just fine, but so much as attempting to move the spider token after something is placed in the off-hand breaks the game. Jaheira cannot move a token, even if it is in her inventory, after having a shield or weapon equipped in the off hand, even if the off-hand is emptied.

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I did a clean reinstall of BG2 v (21849) with the same Ascension mod, and SCSv32 RC10. This did not change the issue, but to clarify, the crash happens while trying to move any token while a character has a token and an off-hand equipped, for instance, token and shield in the off hand, or weapon in main hand and token in off-hand. Unequipping the token on the character with the off-hand equipped allows you to move the token as normal.

Also, Imoen only comes with 40k xp when she joins the party in Irenicus's dungeon, which is far less than my 500k xp after beating siege of dragonspear. This is off-putting considering that I cannot dual class her into mage at lvl 7, as per normal, much less at 8 which is the highest level of thief she can achieve in vanilla BG and still hit max level mage. Otherwise, I love the options this new version of SCS (32) offers the player and look forward to completing the game with it installed.

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