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DLTCEP v7.2 Icewind Dale 1 Opcode 73


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I've tested some things with the opcode 73, extra damage modifier in Icewind Dale 1 + HoW + ToTL. It works for elemental damage and physical damage when that damage come from the opcode 12 (damage). But for normal physical weapon damage, it does nothing (elemental damage can only come with opcode 12). Is there a way to make it works with base weapon damage?

And for type 0 (all damage increased), what is the cap of the engine? I put 50 and more but the maximum damage for a standard weapon with 18/70 strength and mastery in that weapon is in the range of 32-37.

Here is the program help text:


Stat: Extra Damage Modifier [73]
Increases the damage caused by the character. The 'Type' parameter defines which damage type is increased. The modifier is either a flat value modifier for type 0, or a percentile modifier for all other cases.

Known values for 'Type' are:
0   all damage increased
1   Fire damage
2   Cold damage
3   Electricity damage
4   Acid damage
5   Magic damage
6   Poison damage
7   Slashing damage
8   Piercing damage
9   Crushing damage
10  Missile damage

Thanks in advance! :)

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