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EET Run - Missing right click sound

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I just started an EET run and everything seems great so far, except for one minor thing - when i right-click an item in my inventory or one in a shop, no sound plays. The closing of the item description page plays a sound, and right clicking a spell plays a sound but items do not.

To fix this, would I be looking at the UI.menu script? I'm pretty sure the sound hasn't been replaced by a silent.wav, because the sound effect when you right click a spell is the same sound as an item (I think?)

Any suggestions would be appreciated, thank you.

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Ahh so I think I figured it out.

I was running the beta 2.5 for my last run instead of 2.6 (for mod compatibility reasons), and for some reason when you install that version, the sounds when you right click your items is gone. Reverting it to 2.6 fixes it, weird.

Is there a quick fix to restore the sounds on a 2.5 game?

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Not to reply to myself a third time (sorry) but is this just happening to me?

If you install Baldur's Gate on Steam and then apply the 2.5 version after, do your sounds work when you right click on an item? Just curious if it's just a problem related to my PC or something.

If someone could take a few mins and try it for me, that would be awesome, thanks.

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Mmkay so I figured it out. It was Lefreut’s newest Enhanced UI version - if you install it on 2.5, it removes some UI sounds. And yep he DID post on his download link to use an older version of his UI mod for version 2.5 of BGEE, I didn’t see it. 🤦‍♂️ 

I’m dumb. You can delete this thread please or, leave it up in case there are other dummies like me. 👍

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