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Removing NPC item restrictions


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Can anyone remind me where to go in Near Infinity to remove the restrictions on an NPC item so that anyone could, for instance, use Xan's Moonblade or Keldorn's Firecam Armor? I remember that it was in a weird place and not on the item itself but I can't find it anymore. Thanks in advance for any help!

This was a question previously answered on the BD forums which are still currently down.

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In the EE, most of the NPC-only items have that restriction enforced by the ITEMUSE.2da file; anything with a listing there is only usable only by an actor with the script name listed there. Not even Use Any Item bypasses this restriction.

Some other items, like Jaheira's Harper Pin, have an opcode 319 "Restrict Item" effect on the item, linked to the script name. Use Any Item bypasses this one.

Finally, many of the NPC items have overly restrictive class, alignment, and attribute restrictions on top of the other stuff. For example, Cernd's staff is usable only by a human pure druid, neither totemic nor avenger, with at least 13 strength, 9 dexterity, 13 constitution, 12 intelligence, 18 wisdom, and 15 charisma. Even if you spot and handle one set of restrictions, don't assume that you're done without checking the other possibilities as well.

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