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CoM: Forum Moving!

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The Chosen of Mystra site has now moved to a new location! The old forum will be closed down as of 14 April, 2005. The mods currently hosted at COM have also moved. The released COM mods may be found here:


For BG:

Mods by Magnus



Alora NPC Mod

Fade Romance Mod

Kindrek NPC Mod

Saerileth Romance Mod

Tsujatha Melalor Romance Mod

Willie Bruce Mod

Yasraena NPC Mod

BG2 Subrace Mod

CoM Encounters

Dark Ritual

Desecration of Souls

COM One-Day NPCs


IWD Mods:

Auril's Bane



Store Add-On



Mods in Development:

Alcander Sidian Romance Mod

Beyond the Law

Drake NPC Mod

Ginafae Romance Mod

Lockheart Romance

Ninafer NPC Mod

The Undying

Valasse Romance Mod

Yeslick NPC Mod


Come check them out here!

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