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Small correction to readme for "XP for Traps, Spells and Lockpicking"

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In the readme for the "XP for Traps, Spells and Lockpicking" component, is says: 




Available options:

  1. BG1 values (default in EET)
  2. BG2 values (if you are using EET/BGT/Tutu than keep in mind that it's way to high for BG1 portion of the game, but consider installing it after starting BG2)
  3. Vanilla friendly progressive (with default XP CAP your thief and mage will earn the same XP rewards as in BG1. Later in the game rewards increases progressively to end up on BG2:ToB values when your thief reaches maximum level and about half of the maximum XP for level 9th spells)
  4. Disabled (pen and paper accurate)
  5. Custom value (type in integer percentage value)


Option 4 is not the only 2e PnP implementation. In the DMG Ch. 8, under "Table 34: Individual Class Awards", there is a section for optionally granting xp for using class abilities.



And to be clear, "special ability" for Rogues refers to thieving skills as described in the PHB, Ch. 3 "Rogue":


Rogues have a number of special abilities, such as picking pockets and detecting noise, for which they are given a percentage chance of success (this chance depends on the class, level, Dexterity score, and race of the rogue). When a rogue tries to use a special ability, a percentile dice roll determines whether the attempt succeeds or fails. If the dice roll is equal to or less than the special ability score, the attempt succeeds. Otherwise, it fails.

So while other options are not exactly the PnP values, they still take inspiration from the original rules.

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