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Questions on creating area transitions BG:EE

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I am trying to figure out how to create entrance/exit points in an area file (Beregost) for a BG:EE mod. I've been going in pretty blind and just kind of guessing at how to do things that I can't find references for.

This is what I have done so far:

I exported an ARE and its WED file from Siege of Dragonspear. This area has two transition/entrance points that I have renamed.

In the Beregost area file, I pasted those two transition triggers and two entrance points and edited the Name, Destination area and Entrance name so they would correspond with the new area. I changed the vertices to make a rectangle shape in the spots where you would enter-some of these points were out of bounds, is that ok to do?

From just doing these things, it didn't work. There was no marker or anything where I made the vertices. I also can't console to the new area.

The Bounding box, Launch points and Activation points are all the same from when I just copied the SoD area. I don't really know what they are or what I am supposed to change them to.

Thanks, and sorry if this is a bit too much.

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I found a pretty janky workaround to my problem and surprisingly it works great.

First I decided to scrap the idea of using an area from SoD and just ended up using one from BG:EE to avoid the hassle of copying files over. Then I just started going to different areas and looking for entrance points that were relatively in the same position where I had wanted to create one. I copied over that trigger into the area I want it in and then changed the names to link them with my new area. Everything works perfect and I didn't have to mess with bounding boxes or anything else. 

My question now is in the tp2 file how do I patch an area to add my new Trigger and Entrance? I'm only familiar with adding creatures into areas by using CreateCreature in the area script, not by actually patching actors into the file, if that makes sense.

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