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Forked ciopfs with optimization for the *nix users

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I recently worked on some performance boosts for my override/ directory, as a simple `ls` would take up to 2 seconds (130k files in said directory) when mounted on ciopfs.

A native `ls` on the backing directory (not going through ciopfs) would take 0.4 seconds under ext4 (so, roughly 5x faster).

With the caching/memoization I added to my ciopfs fork, I am at the 0.4 seconds *with* ciopfs - this shaves almost 2 seconds off my Quicksave time.

Unfortunately, some ops like `ls -l` still take ~6 seconds under this ciopfs, while that takes about 1.5 seconds under ext4. 

I'm not sure if I can cache further, I think it's just the translation time to get the attr/xattr on 130k files.

Let me know if you find a use for this!

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