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Mirror Image effect (119) uses the level of the first class in class name in original edition

Guest Otyugh

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For the Mirror Image effect (119), I only tested with the wizard spell, but:

  • the formula rounds down in both editions
  • the level used for the calculation in BG2ToB 2.5.26498 is the one of the first class in the class name. So Fighter level for Fighter/Mage/Thief (4 images for a 8/9/9 character), also Fighter level for a 13/28 Kensai/Mage regardless of whether the original class is Fighter or Mage (6 images), Thief level for single class Thief with UAI. Didn't test that a Mage/Thief would indeed get Mage level with both multi and dual regardless of original class, but I'll bet it does.

I didn't test the formula or the chosen class level in BG1TotSC.

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