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Another question an Altered Weapon Proficiencies and enemies

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Sorry for asking about this topic again, I know it has been discussed before and I have read some of those discussion (e.g. here)

But I checked the behaviour in my BG:EE installation and I am still a bit concerned that this component may screw up some of the enemies who do use the new BG 2 proficiency system. While a lot of the enemies do not use the new proficiency system, some do. For example, on my (modded with SCS) installation of BG:EE before installing the mod, Drasus (drasus.cre) shows as having 5 pips in Flails in EEKeeper. This is logical, he wields a morning star +1 and he is fairly deadly at the level you encounter him. He does not seem to have legacy proficiencies.

After installing the mod EEKeeper shows him as having 5 pips in Bows instead - but for a proper translation it'd need to be Spiked Weapons instead, and since the character still has no legacy proficiencies I am wondering if he will be a lot less effective now. Is there a technical reason it still works, or is there a real issue here? Would it have worked better when installing SCS after the alter weapon proficiency component?


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Never mind, I was stupid and was loading the CRE file from my backup directory. The one in the correct directory has 5 proficiencies in spiked weapons as expected, so I guess it is working as intended!

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