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Ensure that an ability will be given after a certain time

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I would like to create an ability that could be used once every X rounds, but you have an infinite number of uses. I know I can simply use Pocket Plane as a template, removing (opcode 172) and giving (opcode 171) the ability outside of Spell Ability and put an immunity (opcode 206) to that spell for those X rounds. But I'd have to create a portrait icon for that so players know when they can and when they can not use the ability. The problem becomes harder, if I want to introduce more such abilities, as tracking all those immunities becomes hard for players as they see more and more icons.

That's why I would like to have an alternate solution. My idea was to delay opcode 171, so that players would see the ability only after specified time, this method removes the necessity of adding portrait icons, however it has a very serious problem - if a character dies before opcode 171 is fired, then I'd need to rest to be able to use the spells once again.

Do you know if there's a solution to that problem? Or maybe there's another idea to achieve similar results?



Hmm, the solution might be to also cast a spell giving that ability when our character dies. This however requires "Permanent after death" duration for all such spells, I wonder if applying hundreds of effects with such duration, each using opcode 171 or 172 on one ability won't become a problem? Won't they stack and overload the creature at some point? Or can I dispel all previous instances of those effects given by a specific spell, somehow?

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