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Recoverable throwing weapons is giving me one less

Guest Lozaketh

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Guest Lozaketh

I tried to search both the broad internet and this forum for any mention of this or special requirements for this tweak, I apologize if the fix should be obvious or the issue is known.

I just installed the tweaks anthology and I'm testing out recoverable throwing weapons because that's a great immersive addition. I set recovery to 100%. However I'm consistently recovering 1 less weapon than I should be. If I kill an enemy in 2 hits I recover 1 axe, if I kill them in 4 hits I recover 3, if I kill them in 1 hit I recover nothing. All tests were against targets that were already hostile.

For context I installed the tweaks anthology after sword coast stratagems, I used the text-based installer and it said this component was successfully installed.

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The component works by adding an on-hit effect to the weapons that creates an item in the target's inventory. If the target's already dead from the primary weapon damage, it doesn't have an inventory anymore.

(Edit: I tested another hypothesis by giving Hull's longsword +32767 to hit and 100% break chance. It broke on the first rat. On-hit effects do trigger even if the target dies before the effect stack gets there. But a lot of effect types don't do anything if the target is already dead, and it looks like creating inventory items is one of them.

Second test: retarget the "broken weapon" spell so it creates the item in the target's inventory instead. Kill the rats, no messages. Head out and fight a gibberling ... first hit does 1 damage and creates a broken weapon. Second hit kills it and doesn't. Revised hypothesis confirmed.)

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One thing to add: this should probably have a note in the readme for the components (both the ammo version and the throwing weapon version). Something like "Regardless of the recovery chance, a [weapon/piece of ammunition] that deals a killing blow cannot be recovered."

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