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Reducing XP of a ToB-style NPC with NearInfinity prior to leveling up

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So, I've got a heavily modded BG:EE install (no EET). WeiDU.log attached. I'm starting SoD (for the first time!) and in choosing party members I have discovered that some mod-added NPCs are joining my party with too much XP. My party and most of the joinable NPCs are all about 110k but Vienxay is joining at 161k, but at level 1 thanks to ToB-style NPCs. I want to reduce her XP to 110k prior to leveling her up. That should work, right?

My first thought was 'no problem' because I've learned how to use NearInfinity. But I've discovered that editing the "XP/Power level" field in her CRE doesn't stick. I can edit that value from 161k down to 110k, but every time I load the edited save she has 80,500 in Mage and 80,500 in Thief, and it's back to 161k in NearInfinity.

So I thought about it and surmised that the ToB-style NPCs component must have added an effect somewhere that is setting her to 161k to make the mod component work. If this is totally off-base and I'm misunderstanding, let me know. I reviewed her effects as a party member in NearInfinity, but I can't interpret the numbers there. Anyone have advice on how to reduce the XP of a ToB-style NPC prior to leveling up?


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That's ... yeah, the standard for "starting SoD" should be 64K XP. With triggers to go up if the protagonist has more than that; SoD uses thresholds of 90K, 110K, 135K, 161K, 200K, and 250K. That's a one-time trigger on joining the party, dependent only on the protagonist's XP. What you're seeing is consistent with a protagonist that's between 161K and 200K experience when the NPC joins - normal if you reached the cap during the BG1 campaign.

This is all done in the NPC's script. Which the "ToB-Style NPCs" component doesn't touch.

Conclusion: Vienxay is a well-behaved NPC following the standard SoD behavior. If you want to lower their XP (because for some reason the rest of your party is lower), wait until after they join and any such triggers have the chance to activate, then do so. Since it's a one-time event, that change should stick.

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Strange. My Bhaalspawn only has ~124k XP, split between Fighter and Cleric. Vienxay and Recorder are the only ones so far that are too high, everybody else is joining at 110k like I expect. I haven't recruited everyone available to check though.

Thanks for confirming that ToB-style NPCs isn't doing this! I'll give her some more time and try again as you suggest.

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