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Shaman Hauler v0.2

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Shamans in Baldur's Gate cannot move while dancing, but there is no beast of burden in the game that can carry them. So I have an idea that they may be carried by teammates.

here to download


[MOD effects]

A shaman get an ability to "Grant Carrying Permission" to be casted for only once at level 1, allowing a teammate to carry the shaman himself to the destination without interrupting his dance.
The teammate has permanently acquired a new ability of "Carry the Shaman". Cast this ability (requires a strength of at least 16) while standing at a dancing shaman's side and then the shaman'll move with you. This ability can be casted for once in each round.

A shaman also get a high-level ability "Grant Transfer Permission" to be cast for only once, allowing a teammate to act as a agent to teleport onto the destination together with the shaman himself without interrupting his dance.
The teammate has permanently acquired a new ability to "Transport the Shaman". There are no restrictions on distance and strength for applying this ability. Click on the destination to perform the teleportion. This ability can be casted for once in each round.


The shaman must have started dancing before the carrying work begins. The work begins with pressing of the ability button and lasts for 1 round.

If the teammate is not close enough to the shaman and the shaman does not reach level 15, the moving will not begin. It begins as soon as the teammate gets close to the shaman manually.

The teammate cannot hide, sing, turn undead or detect trap, but he can stop moving at any time to attack or cast. The shaman will drop off after 1 round.

When the shaman reaches level 15, the teammate does not need to approach the shaman. He will be automatically summoned to the shaman's side and then starts his work.

If there is more than one shaman in the team and are all dancing near the hauler, he'll carry the one who joins the team first.

Magic images, such as project image and simulacrum of the shamans, can not be carried.

[Version History]

Fixed the problem that the carrying work cannot being when amout of summoned creatures reaches the upper limit.
Since the shaman and the hauler were difficult to pass through terrains such as narrow doors in the previous version, the hauler can walk freely now. The different moving speed is also cancelled.
To avoid breaking game mechanism, destination of "Transport the Shaman" is limited within visual range.

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